Doctors and Health Care professionals

How to register and upload your availability on Video Doctor.

You will need a laptop or desktop with a camera and microphone in it.

On google chrome type Register and upload your documents on the website.

Your documents will be checked for authenticity. If everything is in order you will be approved to use video doctor platform to consult with your patients.

Once approved, you can log in with a laptop or desktop with camera and microphone to consult.

After logging in, you need to click on appointments ledger and upload your availability to be active online.

Patients can book appointments with you only if you have logged in.

Once a patient has booked an appointment-it will show on your home screen. When you click on the patient-their record will open and you can initiate a video consultation by clicking on the video icon.

You can record history, examination, request investigations, prescribe medication and do referrals on the system.

Only doctors and healthcare professionals can initiate the video call. Patient can only book/request appointments. They cannot call doctors.

Documents required for approval

  1. Degree certificate
  2. Registration certificate from Medical council of country/state
  3. Licence to practice proof
  4. Photo ID-copy of passport and driving licence
  5. Proof of address (water, electricity or gas bill)
  6. Performers list (U.K doctors)
  7. Last appraisal document and revalidation certificate (U.K doctors)
  8. Child Safeguarding level 3 certificate (U.K doctors)
  9. Vulnerable adult safeguarding training certificate (U.K doctors)
  10. Enhanced DBS certificate (U.K doctors)
  11. Mental capacity act and assessment certificate (U.K doctors)
  12. Equality and diversity training certificate (U.K doctors)
  13. FGM awareness training certificate (U.K doctors)
  14. Data security awareness (U.K doctors)
  15. BLS or ALS certificate
  16. CV
  17. Recent photo
  18. Bank details-Account number, Bank & branch, IFSC code.